A Journey to the Kúrt Hills

UNIgames is in talks with the Tékumel Foundation to produce a “Kúrt Hills Map Set & Gazetteer”, following the same format as the previously published Northwest Frontier materials. This would cover a region from the center of Tsolyánu hex 4110 to the center of 3516.

UNIgames plans to follow that product with Béthorm adventure modules set in the Kúrt Hills region.

Status Report

Here’s the plan for the coming months. In October we’ll launch the next Tékumel art Kickstarter – this time to create the wondrous flying creatures of Tékumel’s starless skies. In December, we’ll run one final art Kickstarter to go back and create the handful of Empire of the Petal Throne creature drawings that remain. Then, in February of 2014, we’ll launch a final project to fund Béthorm: the Plane of Tékumel RPG itself.

We’ve been playing Béthorm in our own group for years, and these Tékumel art Kickstarters are helping to ensure that the published book will be illustrated as profusely as Professor Barker’s amazing setting deserves. In the meanwhile, we’re working on a Béthorm preview that will allow you to take a handful or pre-generated Béthorm characters into battle against some Tékumel creatures, so you can get a taste of the system: That’ll be attached to the October or December art Kickstarter..

Its been a long road, but the end is in sight. Thank you all so very much for your gracious support!