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Author Topic: Home-Brew: Contacts
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Post Home-Brew: Contacts
on: September 18, 2015, 17:00

Re-posted from the Tekumel group on Facebook:

Jeremy Harper - September 9 at 1:55am

Here's a list of contacts I've come up with for my Bethorm game. I may add a few more here and there, and of course my players are free to come up with their own. The player running the merchant-adventurer Khanuma has his first wife, who is of greater experience and professional rank, as a contact (he's her third husband - it was something of a political match).

Vreemei – Pygmy Folk (Male) trader who specializes in small valuables and oddities. Vreemei is excitable and histrionic ('You take food from my family's mouths! Do you not know I have three wives and a fat mate to feed?' is a common refrain in his haggling), but his goods are of excellent quality and any news he has is reliable. Vreemei drives a hard bargain, as most of his kind do, but he's scrupulously honest. He has extensive ties in Milumanaya and Yan Kor, and has business ties with the Devisors of Soft-Clinging Beauty in Katalal. He also has many Pygmy Folk and human henchmen in his service, the most notorious of which is Big Grinner, a large (even by Nluss standards) greatsworder of questionable intelligence and almost superhuman strength. His loyalty to Vreemei is absolute.
Clan Rank: 4
Circle: 6
Cost: 5 Points Associate, 7 Points Friend

Bone Bough – Neuter Pe Choi sworder, mercenary and gladiator. Fights regularly at the Hirilakte Arena. Pessimistic and fatalistic. Bone Bough dislikes Mu'ugalavyani. Has ties to the Arena and Pe Choi, and often knows what is afoot in the Chaka Protectorates and over the border in Mu'ugalavya.
Clan Rank: 3
Circle: 7
Cost: 5 Points Associate, 7 Points Friend

Ukaira hiKaresil – Mid-ranked major-domo in the Palace of the Governor Daseshmu hiMriyatlaku. A member of the Balanced Stone clan, he's quiet, unctuous, occasionally lustful and sharply observant. He's not directly connected to city government matters, but is always aware of what's going on in the Governor's Palace.
Clan Rank: 6
Circle: 7
Cost: 7 Points Associate, 9 Points Friend

Arula hiZurome: A harried clerk at the Palace of the Realm. An ascetic worshiper of Dra, she had a small, personal reference library concerning the laws and history of Katalal and the surrounding province of Ketviru. She is a member of the Golden Sheaf clan.
Clan Rank: 5
Cost: Associate 5 Points, Friend 7 Points

Tsolisha hiSayuncha: A member of the Blue Kirtle clan and the proprietress of the Hospice of the Blue Kirtle, Rest House for Foreigners and Visitors of Middle Status. Tsolisha is an optimistic and forthright woman, almost always cheerful. She runs the Hospice with firm authority and competency. She often has news from all over Tsolyanu and the other Empires, and is almost always aware of any visitors to Katalal of consequence. Tsolisha is plump and healthy, and has invested her earnings from running her rest house well (possesses Stipend 3 advantage).
Clan Rank: 5
Circle: 10
Cost: 8 Points Associate, 10 Points Friend

Vishetru of the Nighted Tomb: A Sergeant-Major in the Katalal Tomb Police, Vishetru is mildly superstitious and at times gullible, but otherwise quite brave and nowhere near as stupid as his broad, thick-lipped face would indicate. Usually aware of what is happening in the City of the Dead
Clan Rank: 2
Circle: 6
Cost: 4 Point Associate, 6 Point Friend

Ilune hiTankolel – A temple guardswoman of Vimuhla, she is a fierce, fiery brawler, as is befitting for a worshiper of the Lord of Fire. She is a member of the Red Sword Clan, is attractive and fit, and owns a small estate east of the city. Occasionally she can be very callous.
Clan Rank: 7
Circle: 3
Cost: 5 Point Associate, 7 Point Friend

Hehineshmu hiKurodu of the Emerald Circlet – Head of the small number of Emerald Circlet clansfolk in Katalal. This man is lean, cautious, and has a finger on the pulse of the illicit goings-on happening in the city. Hehineshmu dislikes going outside, having a phobia of open spaces, and almost always can be found in the cellar of the small house his clan squats in over in the Foreigners' Quarter.
Clan Rank 3
Circle: 9
Cost: 6 Point Associate, 8 Point Friend

Arjan – A young, favored slave of the Tlakotani, who works in the large villa owned by the Imperial clan. He's bright-eyed, beautiful, greedy and lustful.
Cost: 9 Point Insider
Ge'eltigane hiViridu – A fat, jolly man of good humor who enjoys the finer things in life. He is also a high-ranking clan member of the Association of the Relievers of Life. Ge'eltigane is a devotee of Dlamelish, and is often found at the Green Eyed Lady's temple.
Clan Rank: 7
Circle: 9
Cost: 8 Point Associate, 10 Point Friend

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