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Author Topic: The Eye of Subjugating Vermin
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Post The Eye of Subjugating Vermin
on: July 14, 2016, 00:20

The Eye of Subjugating Vermin

This Eye always has a dial indicating charges but is never inscribed. It may be lacquered in the colors of Chegarra the Hero King, scarlet and white. It can be used to attempt the capture and domination of a single nonsentient or semi-intelligent creature. This requires a 2d10 roll *above* [the target's PHYS score minus its Size modifier]. If the roll succeeds, the creature is transported into a pocket dimension within the Eye, and placed into stasis. One charge is expended whether the capture attempt succeeds or fails. Once captured, the creature may be released to serve the owner of the Eye faithfully whenever desired by pressing the button again, taking 1" of movement but using no charges (creature appears on the ground, within 1" of the wielder). Once enslaved, a creature may be recalled into the Eye by pressing the button at the cost of one Action (but again, no charges are required). Each such Eye may only contain one creature at a time, and thus occupied it cannot be used to capture another until its previous occupant dies. The creature still has its normal bodily needs, but only time spent outside its new home counts. Range to capture: 6". There is a 50% chance that the Eye is already occupied by a random creature. Unless noted otherwise, it has the intelligence of a dim-witted dog that can only understand the most simple instructions, and is happy to fight for its owner. Roll d10 to determine which creature it contains:

1 Miku - a bipedal six-limbed armadillo-like creature. (p. 193)
2 Sahulen - a bird with beautiful golden plumage. This one is an iridescent metallic gold. (p. 205)
3 Hu - a batlike nocturnal flyer with a one-meter wingspan. (p. 185)
4 Sagun - motile fungus creature (p. 205)
5 Etla - a four-foot-wide crab-like creature. (p. 177)
6 Katru - an animal resembling a huge scallop with six many-jointed legs but no grasping appendages. (p. 188)
7 Kurgha - an extremely stinky six-legged rat thing. (p. 190)
8 Okhiba - dusty gray and roughly spherical, with four legs. It has no attack but it can make a very loud roaring noise. Edible. (p. 201)
9 Small Thunru'u - a lumpy three-foot-tall humanoid with large eyes, jowls, and a beak. This one is as smart as a four-year-old child, but mute. (p. 213)
10 Biridlu - a flying cloak-shaped creature. It will not fight, nor does it seem capable of following even simple instructions. Instead, it will try to surround its new master like a cloak-- granting them 3/1 armor that is a -2 to avoid, and highly resistant to chlen hide weapons. (p. 172)


-Manda and Jeff

Nakomé (Clanless)
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Post Re: The Eye of Subjugating Vermin
on: July 15, 2016, 16:47

Nice!!! I see Pokemon fever has even reached Bethorm!!! Cool!!! Can't wait for Kurt Hills to be available. Keep up the great work.

Nakomé (Clanless)
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Post Re: The Eye of Subjugating Vermin
on: July 18, 2016, 11:14

This is the only P-Go related bit of fun I can get behind. Clever and funny. I will attempt to use it.

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