Hello. Thanks for checking out my illustration rates. This page is provided as a guide; it’s not a contract. :)

I do have an “art queue” so please contact via email demidespres at hotmail dot com if you’re interested in a commission. Alternately, you can correspond via Facebook; I’m Talzhemir Mrr on FB.

My Deviant Art Portfolio:


My limited-reprint right: I reserve the right to reprint all pieces for the purpose of physical or online portfolio use (my own web page, my Deviant Art, my Fur Affinity .Net page, the web page or brochure of a company for which I am working, etc.). If you like, you can ask me not to do so until up to 8 months from the time the piece is completed and sent.

Full reprint rights: This page is intended for publishers, so the prices given assume reprint rights are included. Such art will be clearly labelled with this information. You can use the illustration in advertising, you can sell T-shirts and mugs with the image, you can repurpose it as you see fit. I would not have the right to use this art in, say, a roleplaying game product that I publish, or sell magnets of it on Deviant Art.

One-time print rights: Sometimes a piece is commissioned for a one-time use, such as the T-shirt for a convention. Sorry, I don’t offer a special provision for one-time print rights. You would just be purchasing full reprint rights and not exercising them a second time.

Personal use discount: If you want art for what I call “personal” use, my rates are 75% of what is listed. Any form of commercial use (such as the cover of a convention program) is not “personal” use. For a “personal” use project, full reprint rights revert to me one year after the art has been sent to you. If this isn’t what you want, please consider purchasing at the full reprint rights rate.

The following are examples I consider personal use:

  • a digital portrait for a Forum, Facebook, Furcadia, and other social media
  • an illustration on a birthday card and ten T-shirts
  • a picture you print up as a little mini-poster and give to 20 friends or fewer
  • a piece you enlarge and then paint as a mural on your aunt’s donut shop wall
  • Originals: These prices do not assume the one who commissions keeps the original. By default, I keep the original and send you a digital version (must be .pdf, .png, or .bmp format). This is transferred via Dropbox; I do not send out a CD with the file “burned” onto it.

    I may sell an original (to collectors). If so, the purchaser does not acquire any printing rights, and the art will be clearly labelled with that information.

    Payment: I work by getting paid full in advance via PayPal, no refunds. If the total is $300 or more, you may send a check, which I hold until it has cleared before I begin work. Preliminary sketches and revisions are counted as separate works, so please make sure you tell me everything I need to know before I start. Please contact me and get an estimate first, do not just send money. Thank you!

    Purchasing the Original: By default, I create high-quality publishable digital media. You have the option own the original. You need to specify that in advance, because not having to turn over a displayable piece give me the option to do at least some of the work in digital form. If you want the original, you must pay the postage. Let me know if you want it sent USPS or UPS. You also decide if you want it sent insured or uninsured. I do recommend insurance. I’m not liable for art lost in the mail. If that happens, the best I can do is print out a reproduction on a typical home printer and send that to you.


    All rates given are for black-and-white.

    Color: For color, I will double the total. I can work in digital or traditional paint; please specify. I typically work on a reproduction of the black and white illustration.

    Gray Scale: For water-color or digital shading, I will charge 20% more. I typically work on a reproduction of the black and white illustration.


    These are on heavy bristol stock paper, 8 1/2" x 11" in size. They may only include one character each, and no background. Simple props are free (“...and she is putting down traffic cones.”). For a pet (“...and he has a miniature chimera that sits on his shoulder.”) or a more elaborate prop (“...and she’s standing in front of her Mech.”) I may charge an additional fee.

  • Finished pencil art with no inks, $40
  • Finished pencil art with inks, $55

    These are rates for a picture with three objects, or an action vignette with up to 2 characters and some scenery. All illustrations are bristol paper unless otherwise specified. For additional characters or elements I will probably charge additional fees.

  • SPOT ILLO: Black and white, ink on pencils, no gray tones, typically 2” X 2”, $30 (scan up to 600 X 600 pixels)

  • SMALL QUARTO: Black and white, ink on pencils, no gray tones, typically 3 ¾” X 5”, $40 (scan up to 1500 X 1500 pixels)

  • HALF PAGE: Black and white, ink on pencils, no gray tones, typically 5 ?” X 7”, $50 (scan up to 3500 X 3500 pixels)

  • FULL PAGE: sorry, I can not offering larger illustrations at this time.


    I do illustrate erotica and adult themes. I don’t charge more for “artistic” nudes. The “personal use” discount is not available for adult material I create. You must personally own the copyright to any character I depict in an adult situation, or get its creator to email me permission. No exceptions, sorry.

    For other than artistic nudes, anything that has to be flagged “Adult” on Deviant Art or gets beyond a “Tame” rating on Fur Affinity .Net gets an extra $300 charge.

    I do depict homosexual themes. I do depict “light” fetish, and “mild” B&D material. I do depict “bizarre” subjects such as macro/micro and vorarophilia.

    I do not depict characters where “the predominant impression conveyed is of a person under the age of 18” because it is illegal in United States, Canada and the UK, amongst other places.


    I design logos, plushies, trademarks, letterheads, T-shirts, and more. If you have something in mind very different from what I’ve described here, please feel free to ask. The worst that will happen is that I say, “sorry, no, I can’t help you with that.”

    Prices for a walk-about avatar for use in a Furcadia Dream begin at $450.


    The following is a basic list of the information I need before giving you an estimate for a piece of art:

    1. Your real name (including last name, please):
    2. Your address:
    3. Is this a full-reprint-rights (plus my right to use it in portfolio type purposes) or personal-use (adult material not eligible)?:
    4. Is this a spot illo, a small quarto, a half page, or a character sketch?:
    5. What do you want the finished dimensions to be? (Please give either a size in inches, or dimensions in pixels.):
    6. For each character, please describe the following:
    a) Their name:
    b) to whom are they copyright (who is their creator):
    c) Their age in years (this is required):
    d) Basic build (slender, average, stocky):
    e) Race, species, breed:
    f) Provenance (where the character is from):
    g) Their sex and/or gender:
    h) Physical details (such as “hands have three fingers and thumb”, “legs are like a humans and not digitigrade”, “extremely large breasts”. Be specific.):
    i) Complexion or fur color(s), pattern:
    j) Hair color:
    k) Eye color:
    l) Clothing/costume (provide references if you can): m) Props:
    n) Current wealth status (such as, “filthy rich”, “comfortable”, “gets by okay”, “struggling”, “poor”, “utterly destitute”. If their appearance would not reflect this, please explain how and why):
    o) Influences (if you especially like a particular artist’s style, and would like me to emulate or be influenced by it, please provide reference):
    p) Activity (what the character is doing. If you don’t specify, the default is an enthusiastic “Hello world!” pose.):
    q) Do you wish for the character’s name to be written at the bottom?:
    r) Would you like any writing, such a title or dedication, above or below the illustration? (I can also do comic-style dialog boxes):
    r) Do you want me to send you the original (you pay postage)?:
    s) Do you intend to publish this illustration? If so, where and when?:
    t) May I add a border to the illustration? (if you especially want one, please describe it!):
    u) Any other comments, thoughts, requests, ideas, notes:
    Please email the info to: demidespres at hotmail dot com.