Bethorm Approaches!

Tékumel was the first complete tabletop role-playing game setting ever published, in TSR’s 1975 “Empire of the Petal Throne”.

“Béthorm: the Plane of Tékumel” revives the Tékumel setting in a lavishly illustrated new RPG! Raise high your swords for the glory of the Empire, and march to battle against the Enemies of Man!

The Bethorm RPG Kickstarter project launches on Wednesday, March 19, at 8 am Central time! Preview it here:

Discover the Aircars of the Ancients!

UNIgames is pleased to announce the first product for our upcoming Béthorm: Plane of Tékumel RPG! Approved for Tékumel by the Tékumel Foundation.

Aircars of the Ancients is a color PDF file of printable aircar counters – usable with any 25-30mm miniature figures. As an extra bonus, you also get a single-aircar PNG file, perfect for use on virtual tabletops!

Watch for more Béthorm: Plane of Tékumel products, coming soon from UNIgames!