Sakbe Road Foamcore Model Kit

This simple kit allows you to build as many straight, 10”-long Sákbe Road sections as you desire. Great for 28mm tabletop adventures on Tékumel! The kit also includes optional ramps (for getting onto or off of the Sákbe Road), and stairways for climbing up and down its levels. As an added bonus, we’ve included a copy of our popular “Foam Core Crafts for Beginners”!


NEW: Excel Character Sheet!

An Excel version of the Bethorm character sheet is now available. Type in your character’s basic stats, and the sheet automatically calculates the rest! Also includes an Excel version of the Entourage and Spellbook Record Sheets. Find it in the Shop tab at the top of this page!

Final Béthorm Special Edition PDF Delivered!

The final release version of the Bethorm: Plane of Tekumel RPG Special Edition PDF is now available to all qualified Kickstarter backers. If you’re one of them, please check your email and your messages on Kickstarter for the download link!

The game is now being sent to the printers, and books will be shipped as soon as we get them in. A general release version of the PDF will be available to the public through RPGNow in a day or two. Work also continues on the add-on items. Watch this space!