About Jeff Dee

Jeff Dee has worked in the gaming industry for over 25 years. His artwork has appeared in numerous games and magazines, including TSR's Deities and Demigods (as well as many AD&D modules and other early TSR products), Villains & Vigilantes from Fantasy Games Unlimited, adventures for the Star Wars RPG from West End Games, and others. He co-designed Villains & Vigilantes, TWERPS (The World's Easiest Role-Playing System) from Gamescience, and Pocket Universe from UNIgames. Jeff has also worked in the computer games industry on games such as Ultima VI, Master of Orion, Master of Magic, and Wing Commander. He was the art director on Ultima VII, and the lead game designer on The Sims: Castaway Stories.

New: Free Downloads Tab!

Now that the game is out, our focus switches to supporting Béthorm with utilities and content. We’ve just added a new “Free Downloads” tab to the web site, where we plan to post at least one new freebie each week – at least until we run out of ideas! First up is a Tsolyani calendar, to help Béthorm GMs keep track of campaign time. It also references the Tsolyani celebrations and festivals from Prof. Barker’s Tekumel Sourcebook. There’s a printable PDF version of the calendar, as well as an Excel version for keeping track on your computer. Otulengba!


  • Blank Tékumel mega-hex grid added to the Free Downloads page.
  • Blank Béthorm character sheet PDF added to the Free Downloads page.
  • “The Circle of Columns” adventure PDF added to the Free Downloads page.
  • Guténu hiKúrodu – Junior Admin Priest of Hriháyal added to Free Downloads page
  • Siónu hiTekkól – Minor Spellcaster of Keténgku added to the Free Downloads page

Final Béthorm Special Edition PDF Delivered!

The final release version of the Bethorm: Plane of Tekumel RPG Special Edition PDF is now available to all qualified Kickstarter backers. If you’re one of them, please check your email and your messages on Kickstarter for the download link!

The game is now being sent to the printers, and books will be shipped as soon as we get them in. A general release version of the PDF will be available to the public through RPGNow in a day or two. Work also continues on the add-on items. Watch this space!